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Anhui Bayi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.  is a Sino-Singapore (Singapore Temasek Group wholly-owned subsidiary-Xiangfeng China Chemical Investment Co., Ltd., which holds 60% of the shares) joint-stock chemical materials and products (intermediates) manufacturing enterprise..

Anhui Bayi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1968 and has experienced 52 years of development. Adhering to the business philosophy of "innovation-led, technology-driven, focused on the main business..

The scale of the completed production plant is as follows: an annual output of 150,000 tons of caustic soda, an annual output of 300,000 tons of chlorobenzene, an annual output of 320,000 tons of nitrochlorobenzene, an annual output..

At present, our company mainly produces three series and more than 20 products including chlor-alkali series, nitrochlorobenzene series and pharmaceutical intermediate series, which are widely used in pharmaceuticals, pesticides, dyes, rubber and other industries. The production capacity of two varieties stands one of the top three in the world, and production capacity of four varieties ranks the first in China. "Shunda" trademark is rated as Anhui Famous Trademark, the our bank credit is "AAA" grade.


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Looking into the future, the company will insist on the philosophy of "Green Chemical, Create Future". The company is market-oriented, and it strives to becom..

The major production devices: 120,000mt/y ion-exchange membrane caustic soda; 120,000mt/y mono chloro benzene; 100,000mt/y hydrochloric acid..

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